6 Jewelry Maintenance Tricks You Should Practice


Just because diamonds are forever, doesn’t mean they don’t need some care.  Like everything else a person owns, jewelry can have some wear and tear. Even if they’re made from strong metals and gems,  they’re dainty accessories that are prone to get broken, tarnished, and even lost. Although they’re reliable and durable considering what they’re made of, it’s always best not to overestimate them.

For them to last a long time, you have to take care of them too. Here are some tips on how to take care of your jewelry that jewelry appraisers or jewelers will appreciate:

Take Them off Before Doing Physical Activities

Wearing jewelry in the gym isn’t totally unheard of, but wearing them wouldn’t be a bright idea either. Lifting weights can cause bending and scratches on rings or pull on links of a necklace causing it to break. Bracelets can get caught up on equipment too. If anything, wearing jewelry in the gym is a safety hazard, for you and your dainty pieces.

As for gemstones, they might not be easy to break, but they can be fractured if hit against hard objects. Pearls on the other hand are easier to break or scratch as they are more delicate than gemstones.

Other than exercising, frequent contact with sweat due to exercising is harmful to jewelry too. But it’s not as much as chlorine. Wearing jewelry to the pool once is okay but if it’s going to be a regular thing, it’s going to be a problem. Chlorine is harmful to precious metals, including silver and gold.  Frequent exposure to chlorine can cause little dents on the surface of the jewelry.

Other than that, you might even lose them while doing your strokes. Practice taking your jewelry off before doing any physical activity to preserve it better and prevent it from getting broken or lost.

Take Them off When Cleaning 

For similar reasons you shouldn’t wear jewelry in the pool, you shouldn’t wear them when you’re cleaning. Store-bought cleaning agents and solutions contain harsh chemicals that can harm your jewelry. One will never know the exact impact cleaning products have on jewelry until it’s made contact with them. This may cause jewelry to discolor. Rings and can bend too and become scratched on the surface, depending on what you’re cleaning.

Don’t Wear Them When Taking a Bath

A person might think that water is the ultimate natural cleaning agent, thus it shouldn’t be harmful to jewelry, right? That’s actually false. Prolonged exposure to water can dull the luster in jewelry. Your jewelry should only come in contact with water when you’re cleaning them. Additionally, steam isn’t great for silver. Some people prefer to take steamy, warm showers. Little do they know that the steam can cause silver jewelry to dull, especially when brought about by sulfur-rich water.

Although steaming is one effective method of cleaning jewelry, exposing yours to shower steam is a different story. The sulfur, chlorine, and other chemicals found in the water contribute to silver tarnishing. This might not be an immediate threat to new pieces, but the regular exposure will result in a loss of luster over time.

Take Them off Even Before Going To Bed

The tossing and turning are not going to be helpful in preserving your jewelry. It will tangle up necklaces and bracelets which can be uncomfortable in your sleep. Wearing earrings could poke you when sleeping on your side too. This tip seems more for getting a comfortable night’s sleep than caring for your jewelry, but it helps prevent any stress from chains and links.

Store Them Properly

There’s more to it than putting them in your dresser’s drawer. Storage should keep your pieces safe and away from direct sunlight and heat. They should be kept at room temperature to help preserve their quality for a long time. The storage space should have low humidity to prevent tarnishing and discoloration, especially for silver.

There are various creative and inventive jewelry holders and organizers in the market. A common feature in jewelry boxes is that the interior is covered in felt. Felt is great for absorbing excess moisture, which protects the shine in jewelry.

Clean Them Regularly

There’s no textbook recommendation for how often jewelry should be cleaned because it all depends on how often they’re used. For example, diamond rings are better at withstanding a longer period of wearing compared to opal rings. If you wear your diamond ring every day, give it a gentle scrubbing every two weeks and a meticulous cleaning once a month.

There are many ways your jewelry can get damaged or tarnished without your knowledge. But your jewelry will thank you for building good habits and practicing regular maintenance.

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