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Traveling to new destinations for new experiences is a passion among many Americans. An August 2021 study by Destination Analysts shows that even if the Delta variant has put a damper on some plans, more than half or 51.3 percent are still prioritizing travel in their financial budget, and up to 60.7 percent are highly excited to travel.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) allows fully vaccinated Americans to travel, the only remaining concern is the situation in areas to visit. The CDC is strongly advising unvaccinated Americans to get fully vaccinated before traveling.

According to Statista, the states with Covid-19 cases below 100,000 as of August 13 are Alaska, Maine, Wyoming, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Vermont, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands.


There were 79,485 Covid-19 cases in Alaska. U.S. travelers who are not fully vaccinated must get a Covid-19 test upon arrival and another after five to seven days. There is no required quarantine, but those not fully vaccinated must observe physical distancing before test results clear them. Non-vaccinated travelers can also avail themselves of free vaccination upon arrival.

All-inclusive vacation packages are available for Alaska that include all the wonders of the state. Visitors can go saltwater fishing, sail to glaciers, and see beautiful islands, waterfalls, and cliffs. One of the main attractions is to watch whales, bears, and other wildlife.


There were 72,119 Covid-19 cases in Maine. The local CDC will implement testing and quarantine only for visitors from a U.S. state with a sudden Covid-19 spike.

Maine is most well-known for its lobsters, while wildlife watching is popular, especially for spotting moose, whales, puffins, and other birds. Maine lighthouses are also special features of the state, as are their parks that range from beaches to mountains.


There were 67,957 Covid-19 cases in Wyoming. Travel guidelines are based on the CDC guidelines. Travelers can visit the Yellowstone National Park to see the Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone Lake, and the Lower Falls. There are other geysers amid mountains and wilderness where buffaloes still roam. There are opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, and joining wildlife tours.

District of Columbia

There were 52,005 Covid-19 cases in the District of Columbia (DC). Unvaccinated U.S. travelers must get a Covid-19 test not more than three days before traveling to D.C. Travelers can visit the Washington Monument, Library of Congress and see the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and U.S. Constitution at the National Archives Building, among other attractions.


There were 48,397 Covid-19 cases in Hawaii. Unvaccinated U.S. travelers must get a Covid-19 test not more than three days before traveling to the islands. The foremost attractions of Hawaii are its beaches that are famous for surfing and just soaking in the water and sun on the sand. Those who want to explore more can visit Pearl Harbor as well as volcanoes and canyons.


There were 25,883 Covid-19 cases in Vermont. Travel guidelines are based on the CDC guidelines. The state is best known for skiing, but in summer, Mount Mansfield offers several hiking routes to its summit, exposing the beauty without its blanket of snow. Alternatively, hikers can visit the Green Mountain National Forest and hike its Long Trail or part of the Appalachian Trail.


There were only 8,865 Covid-19 cases in Guam. Fully vaccinated U.S. travelers need to have secondary proof of vaccination apart from the vaccination record card. Unvaccinated U.S. travelers must get a Covid-19 test not more than three days before traveling to the island. Guam has a tropical climate like Hawaii and has several beaches for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports. It also offers jungle and cave tours.

US Virgin Islands

There were only 5,093 Covid-19 cases in the US Virgin Islands (USVI). Travel guidelines are based on the CDC guidelines. Located in the Caribbean, the USVI encompass some 50 cays and islands. The largest and most well-known are St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. All have breathtaking beaches.

Northern Mariana Islands

There were only 183 Covid-19 cases in the Northern Mariana Islands. All U.S. travelers must get a Covid-19 test not more than three days before traveling to the island. There are many beaches, the most popular of which is Micro Beach with its white sand. Travelers can also go on jungle hikes and visit archaeological sites with prehistoric structures.

Take a Well-deserved Break

If you are not yet fully vaccinated, you owe yourself that protection. If you already are, you deserve a vacation away from all the pressure to see new vistas and fully engage with novel encounters, especially with nature. Your body, mind, and spirit need this infusion of natural energy.

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