Buying a Jet Ski: How to Get Started


Cruising through the waterways on your jet ski is the best way to make the most of the sunshine and scenery. The ride offers a sense of freedom and potentials. Investing in a personal watercraft like one from marque Sea-Doo will pay you back again and again. But, what should you do before the purchase?

Below is a guide to help you make a decision:

Determine Where you Will Ride the PWC

Will you use the jet ski in lakes and rivers or saltwater bodies? Although any PWC will corrode in both fresh and saltwater, salt can significantly speed up the process. Some PWC owners claim jet skis that have closed-loop cooling systems are more suitable to saltwater conditions. Such kind of system uses surrounding water for cooling the engine; however, the water does not directly enter the engine itself. Meanwhile, an open-loop cooling system lets the surrounding water run through the engine. Keep in mind that no matter the cooling system or the kind of water you run your vehicle in, you must clean it properly to avoid issues related to corrosion and rust.

Consider the Rider

Your watercraft’s size is vital. Although you might think that a smaller, lightweight jet ski is better for a new rider, the opposite is true. Bigger models tend to have more stability that beginners need. And if you plan to tow wakeboarders or rafts, you will need a bigger model. The leaner, more agile models are ideal for experienced riders.

Choose Between New or Used

New watercraft models are equipped with the latest technology and innovations, which means you can get all the luxuries you want. You do not need to worry about wear and tear or poor maintenance from previous owners. Plus, most new jet skis come with a warranty. However, they are not cheap.

In general, a used jet ski is less expensive than a new one. But, it depends on the make and model. Those who are just starting may opt for a pre-owned PWC so they learn how to ride and complete basic maintenance tasks. Also, buying a used jet ski will let you see if you truly love it and use the PWC before investing in a new one. But, if you opt for a used jet ski, ensure to check the maintenance records and examine the watercraft for wear and tear. Consider having a mechanic checking it out for you and take it for a test drive.

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