Small Company: Using Awards For Much Better Publicity


Does your company strategy includes using awards for much better publicity? Do you apply the procedure for applying awards to check on and refine your company strategy?

When it comes to publicity, being nominated to have an award could be just like useful as winning the award.

Industry specific awards really are a gauge of the company performance for your customers and also the world of business generally. Your company may benefit from choosing the best awards and striving to incorporate these inside your plans for growth.

While using Nomination

Small companies who’re nominated to have an award can most certainly take advantage of the award process. The award organizers may list the nominees – and a small company should make the most of this. Whether or not the nominees aren’t listed through the organizers, a small company should promote the nomination themselves.

Make use of the companies newsletters and websites, to connect to the award site and publicize the nomination. This can aid growing the business’s name recognition and credibility. Enable your clients realize that others trust your company.

Many awards have a group of criteria and it is a good idea to list out the factors whenever you announce the nomination. You’ll improve your customer’s understanding about ‘what’ your company does and the caliber of your projects.

When the nominees are listed openly, check out who is incorporated in the top group along with you. It is a great chance to be aware and identify what separates you against another competitors, and being connected using the other nominees is amazingly effective.

Awards Publicity for much better Business

The publicity from winning an award can boost traffic aimed at your website, win you extra awards and result in business growth. Customers frequently use awards to make their buying decisions – coping with an ‘award winning business’ belongs to the ‘proof’ facet of a purchase.

Make certain that you simply display awards and nominations conspicuously in your website or perhaps in your shopfront – these function as a quick reference for purchasers that you’re a recognized leader inside your industry. Customers note awards like a press in your company with a knowledgeable outdoors group. These awards behave as recommendations from individuals who ought to know.

Displaying your awards might help develop pride inside your company by current employees or perhaps attract skilled new employees for your rising star. Employees with a feeling of pride lead strongly towards the performance of the company and increase the value of your company.

Seeking Funding?

Awards might help your company if you want funding from Financial Institutions or Vc’s. Banks and investors frequently use awards to recognize the most powerful performing companies inside an industry.

Start Up Business Partners?

A lot of companies use awards to recognize potential partners. Press announcements or articles in industry magazines take the company towards the attention of the great supplier. These industry connections construct your company’s efficiency.

Business Development…

Certainly, trying to get an award forces an entrepreneur to examine their strategic business plan and future directions. From my very own experience, I understand that getting to reply to questions, evaluate results and describe my vision is definitely an incredibly effective tool.

I’ve lately been nominated for Telstra Business Lady of the season, and it was a shortlisted candidate. I did not result in the finals, however the process certainly helped my company management process.

Most lately I’ve been nominated for any MCEI Marketing Award – and that i discovered that finishing the applying only agreed to be like finishing my marketing strategy – a remarkably rewarding experience. Winning the ladies Running A Business category would be a boost to my self esteem and also the confidence within my business.

Where are you finding awards to try to get?

A good option to locate awards to try to get could be the local Chamber of Commerce or Business Association.

Take a look at your industry associations and professional physiques.

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