Prewound Bobbins Simplify Embroidery


A prewound bobbin is a game changer for embroidery. Not only does it improve the quality and the productivity of embroidery production, but it also reduces cost and waste because of its coreless technology.

What Is Coreless Technology?

With coreless technology, a ready bobbin does not have a core for winding thread. Because of this, the embroidery will be more uniform and consistent, and it much improves the quality and reduces waste. This leads to incredible savings.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Prewound Bobbin?

There are a number of benefits to using a prewound bobbin. It is more efficient because the full length of yarn can be used. This reduces waste. In addition, there is higher consistency among the bobbins. The tension is uniform, which leads to higher quality and greater consistency with embroidery. Finally, the embroidery is softer and finer because this technique can use finer thread.

How Does the Prewound Bobbin Optimise Productivity and Reduce Cost?

Prewound bobbins optimise productivity and reduce costs in a number of ways. First of all, stock control is improved because leftovers can be used to take new bobbins out of the stock. In addition, since the bobbins are hairless, the case doesn’t need to be cleaned. Because there is no need for needles to touch the bobbins, they last longer.

The costs are reduced because you will not need to buy a winding machine as these bobbins are prewound. There is no need to hire extra staff to wind the bobbins, and you will save on electricity since there is no winding machine. Finally, you don’t have to buy metal bobbins, which are easy to damage.

What Types of Prewound Bobbins Are There?

There are many different prewound bobbins depending on what your needs are. They come in different sizes, and you can order custom sized bobbins as well. The primary premade bobbin is 140 m in length and comes in black or white.

Final Verdict

Using a prewound bobbin is a good idea because it provides advantages over having to wind the bobbin yourself. You will have less waste because all of the thread can be used. In addition, you will not have to waste time or money on winding machines or employees to wind the bobbin.

You can get the prewound bobbin in many different sizes depending on your needs, including customised orders. Remember that you should always store your prewound bobbin in a ventilated space out of sunlight and away from heat and flames.

Because the prewound bobbin has no core, your embroidery will be more uniform and consistent, and your end product will be higher quality. In the end, you will save money and produce better products.

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