Here is How You can File No Fault Divorce in Minnesota


While filing for divorce, couples needs to follow the right procedure otherwise there are chances of experiencing lengthy divorce proceedings that may not help you separate your ways as per your preference. Hence, it will be helpful to know more about the ways usually adapted by the divorce lawyers to fully complete the divorce proceedings in a short time with ease.

No fault divorce is the most common way to end marriage legally as it is less stressful and less hurtful. The proceedings occur fast as either party doesn’t need to show evidence that the other party is at fault.

If you have decided to file no fault divorce in Minnesota family courts, then it’s the right decision. In Minnesota you get divorce on grounds of no chances of muting the differences between the spouses. If you have decided to divorce, it will be beneficial to understand steps to filing for divorce in Minnesota.

Here are few easy ways to file for divorce in Minnesota:

  • Basic requirements:

While filing legal separation papers in Minnesota you need to make sure that at the least one spouse has stayed there for minimum six months in the State.

  • Ways to fill forms.

One spouse needs to fill form of Summons and Petition for ending the marriage.

In the petition every detail about their marriage is given along with the financial details of children and even need to mention properties owned by them.

The form should be served to the other married partner before filing it in district court. Usually, third party does the filing like any professional lawyer, sheriff or a friend.

Once the spouse files the forms, the other partner needs to respond while agreeing to all the conditions of divorce through filing Stipulate Findings of Fact.

In order to end the marriage, the Conclusions of Law, Order for Judgment or Judgment and Decree process the divorce documents forward. Usually, it is done within the required time period. However, if the receiving spouse declines to accept the served file, then they need to answer the Court about the reasons to decline having divorce.

  • Some temporary relief:

It helps in child custody, child and spouse support and other issues to solve easily till the whole divorce proceedings moves on. Once the divorce is final the temporary relief ends. The final divorce regulations are related about the division of property, child custody, child and spousal support.

Hence, based on this basic information, you can easily go ahead with your divorce proceedings in Minnesota without any added stress.

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